Leoville Says Goodbye To Google Buzz - My Response

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Leo Laporte, a well known blog, podcast, and social media/networking pioneer decides that this stuff is all noise.

See his article "Kill Buzz" @ Leoville. And now my response...

Computer Controlled Bacteria!!???

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This is so crazy cool and scary at the same time.

By 2020: 20 million chips implanted into living cells with computer controlled movement.

Cisco Saves The World!

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 Saving the world? Ok, maybe not, but they continue to drive innovation. Faster, faster, faster!!! The world around us is always trying to stream information faster and faster and Cisco is helping to enable that. With this new technology, Cisco can push speeds up to 322Tbps.

The Classic Battle of Windows vs Mac

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Share your thoughts of this classic battle on my Buzz post, "The Great War of PC vs Mac".

Disk In Destination Drive Is Full

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Destination Full
  Have you run into this when copying over a large file from your hard drive to a flash drive?

 The answer is most likely simple, you need to have your flash drive formated as NTFS.

 Due to limitations of the FAT file system, you are unable to copy over anything larger than 4GB.

Occasional Happenings Gives FREE Photo Sessions

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ATI External Event Utility EXE Module stopped working

by ckladmin

"ATI External Event Utility EXE Module stopped working and was closed."
(A problem caused the application to stop working correctly. Windows
will notify you if a solution is available)

This was a symptom of my Compaq Presario V5000 purchased from Wal-Mart in 2006.

This is caused when upgraded to Vista because the ATI Radeon Xpress 200M driver is not operating correctly. Windows is unable to update this automatically.


Pre Package Software For Fresh PC Installs

by ckladmin

Create your own installer of a cluster of different programs that are must haves.

This is great if you rebuild your PC and you want to make sure you get your must haves back on quickly and painlessly.


  • Chrome
  • Site Moving From One Server To Another - Cheat Sheet

    by ckladminBecome root:
    • $ su
    Zip up the public_html:
    • $ tar czvf iastage.tar.gz public_html/
    Change owner to "user": (if pulling files)
    • $ chown user:user iastage.tar.gz
    Log in to new server and copy files, or push them from the old server.

    Learn PHP As Easy As Square Dancing

    by ckladmin

    Check out this great slide show by Emma Jane.

    Unfortunately it is a thousand times better with her presenting. She is awesome.

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